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You Can Afford it -- Financing your study abroad trip is easier than you think. 

Many students are concerned about the cost of living in other countries. However, through our partnerships, living costs are very comparable between foreign study and costs at the Monfort College of Business. In addition, the College has secured significant scholarship funds to assist students with study abroad opportunities and travel costs involved. Don't give up your dream about studying abroad until you have all of the facts and pursue available scholarship opportunities.

For most programs, your expenses include:

Tuition and Fees at UNC – you have to pay these at UNC or abroad, so in reality there is no difference in cost here (except that on direct exchange programs you only pay 12 credits).

Flight and Travel – in most of the world this can be arranged for $500-1500. 

CIE application – depending on which program, this tends to be less than $400

Lodging and living expenses – depending on the area of the world, these can be MUCH less or somewhat more than in Greeley.  Choosing an inexpensive place, can more than make up for the Travel and application costs.


Financial Aid -- If you are applying for a direct exchange program or ISEP program, all of your normal financial aid and scholarships apply to studying abroad.  In a few instances, they actually can increase. 

MCB Scholarships -- MCB offers scholarships for Business majors studying abroad.   This is typically at least $1000 Download the application here (it’s very short and simple).  *Note that only students who attend a MCB partner institution are qualified to receive a MCB Study Abroad Scholarship.

However, CIE often has a list of scholarships in their office that are available that are not listed on the page.  When you stop by their office to apply, ask them. 

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