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MBA Alumni Advisory Council (MBAAC)

The mission of the MBA Alumni Advisory Council (MBAAC) is to strengthen the engagement of the university of Norther Colorado MBA alumni in the activities of the Monfort College of business and among the members of the core constituencies — MBA alumni, students, and faculty and staff — toward the broader goals of the program.

The role of the board is intended to encompass the following broad objectives:

  1. Share industry best practices and advise faculty and administrators on improving the program, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the MBA program,
  2. Promote the program to the internal and external stakeholders through testimonials and intentional advocacy and engagement to advance the reputation and visibility of the program of the MBA program,
  3. Assist the college in identifying timely market trends for designing and delivering new concentrations,
  4. Facilitate the strengthening of the network of MCB’s MBA alumni, and
  5. Support MCB’s mission by helping to identify and grow developmental resources.

Membership: Graduates of the university of Norther Colorado MBA alumni are eligible to join. Members serve a two-year term, and memberships are renewable for one additional term based on mutual interest. The council will consist of 15-20 active members. To remain active, the council members should regularly attend the annual meetings and serve on one of the committees of the council.

Officers: The council officers will include President, Vice President, and Secretary. The officers are elected by the council members for a period of two years.


Two virtual meetings are held annually during the spring and fall semesters. In the intervening months, members participate in additional virtual meetings, as needed, with working committees of  Alumni Engagement, Alumni Giving, Student Mentoring, and Membership. Read the latest meeting notes from Spring 2024. 

Council Members

Erin Bley

Erin Bley

President (2022-2024)

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Jacob Barrett

Jacob Barrett

Vice President (2022- 2024)

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