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Student Code of Professional Conduct

Academic Honesty

MCB students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of academic honesty. Cheating, plagiarism, illegitimate possession and disposition of examinations, alteration, forgery, or falsification of official records or documents and similar acts or the attempt to engage in such acts are grounds for disciplinary action.

This action can include any of the following, in addition to any University disciplinary action:

  • A failing grade for an assignment.
  • A failing grade for a class.
  • Suspension from MCB
  • Expulsion from MCB

Students are referred to the UNC Student Code of Conduct as to details of “University Standards of Conduct” and “Academic Expectations.”

Code of Professional Conduct

Monfort College of Business students represent the professional and academic interests of the entire MCB & UNC communities. Accordingly, MCB expects all students to behave in a professional manner and adhere to high ethical standards in every business class and in every activity connected with the Monfort College of Business. This professional behavior is required not only in the classroom but also in all MCB-related interactions such as e-mails, conferences and use of technology.

MCB students should exhibit respectful behavior in classes. This behavior includes arriving on time to class, staying in class until the lecture ends, having the discipline to stay engaged in class, turning-off or silencing cell phones and pagers while in class, refraining from text-messaging, and avoiding coming to class wearing clothing that is unduly provocative or has written messages that are rude, insensitive or obscene. MCB students should engage in respectful behavior in all activities where they act directly or indirectly as a representative of the MCB. Respectful behavior creates a more desirable, civilized, and productive learning environment, and it models behavior that is both productive and pleasant when students transition from the classroom to the workplace.

MCB students should master and apply the fundamental skill of preparing and sending class or university related e-mails that are properly written, show professionalism and communicate a clear message. E-mails containing profanity, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, or poor composition evidence sloppiness and show disrespect to the recipient. MCB students should use proper forms of address when communicating orally or in writing with faculty or staff (i.e., Dr. Smith, Professor Jones, Ms. Abbot, etc.). If a student does not know how to address a faculty member, he or she should ask.

This code of professional conduct complements, but does not replace, the Honor Code of the Monfort College of Business or the Honor Code of the University.

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