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MCB Learning Goals and Objectives

MCB Learning Goal MCB Learning Objective
Be knowledgeable of key concepts in core business curriculum
  1. Student will demonstrate a firm understanding of core business concepts.
Be effective communicators
  1. Students will prepare and deliver professional quality presentations on a business topic
  2. Students will prepare quality business documents
Demonstrate conceptual and analytical skills
  1. Students will analyze data and information to identify key problems, generate and evaluate appropriate alternatives, and propose a feasible alternative.
Be proficient with technology
  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in common business software packages
Demonstrate ethical awareness
  1. Students will be knowledgeable about ethics and social responsibility
  2. Students will correctly identify the ethical issue or problem, analyze the consequences for various stakeholders, and develop an acceptable resolution.
Be proficient with discipline specific knowledge
  1. Students will demonstrate a firm understanding of discipline-specific knowledge within their emphasis
  2. Students will demonstrate competency with advanced topics within their emphasis

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