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Adventures and Learning:  Earn Credits toward your degree while exploring the most interesting places in the world

Business is global – you need to be too.  Now is the time to make that happen, with MCB’s Global Programs you can study abroad, earn credits toward your degree, and make contacts that will last a lifetime.  Other than the obvious, why should you study abroad?

  • Career Opportunities -- Study abroad alumni are twice as likely to find a job in 12 months and over 40% less likely to be unemployed.
  • International Network – Business is global business. At our partner schools you will meet the next generation of business leaders from various countries.
  • Adventure and Fun! – when else in your life do you get to go travel the world, meet new friends, and have part of it paid for? There are so many wonderful places in the world – start visiting them now.
  • Earn credits toward your degree – our partner universities have classes offered in English that transfer directly into your UNC degree. See the link to the right “Course Equivalencies” or come speak to Professor Reardon about making it work.

Addressing your concerns

  • “It is too expensive!” – this is a common concern by students, but in truth, it can be cheaper than studying at UNC. Your tuition and fees are the same, but living expenses can be much less expensive overseas.  Not only that, we offer scholarships that can help (see scholarship link to the right).
  • “I don’t speak the language” – and you don’t need to. Classes are offered in English and people throughout the world, especially the business world, speak English as well as we do.
  • “I will miss my friends, family, significant other, etc..” – take them with you! Many of our programs are unlimited in the number of students that can attend.  Most of our programs are attended with other students from MCB.  If you want an adventure alone – great, if not, also great.
  • “I don’t need to study abroad” – this has a grain of truth, but only a grain. You don’t need to get an education or pursue a good career either, but you choose to do these things for your future.  Studying abroad not only increases your network, but also separates your resume from the hundreds of others when entering the workforce.
  • “I can’t leave my job” – many employers are flexible, especially with regard to short-term study abroad programs. We have programs ranging from a few weeks to several months.  Study abroad can always fit in your schedule.
  • “I don’t want to miss my college experience” – Study abroad is one of the best single college experiences that you can have.
  • “It will delay my graduation” – Many of our partner schools offer direct transfer courses that substitute directly into your degree plan. See the link to the right “Course Equivalencies” or come speak to Professor Reardon about making it work.

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