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Professional Experience Requirement

When you enter the business world after college, would you like to have an advantage over other job candidates?  You will, because all students at the Monfort College of Business are required to complete at least 50 hours of professional experience before graduation.  This provides you with the "real world" experience that is integral to success in the business world.   You'll learn the basic skills and principles expected of you in an entry-level position.  Plus, you'll graduate with confidence, knowing you are prepared to enter your professional career.

Who is required to complete a Professional Experience?

All Business Administration majors are required to complete a Professional Experience OR an internship for credit prior to graduation. Software Engineering & International Students are exempt from the Professional Experience requirement. International students need to meet with the professional experience coordinator to complete a waiver.

Steps to Complete the Professional Experience Requirement

The Professional Experience Requirement is broken down into various phases that should be completed at certain points in your college career. We recommend completing your prerequisite workshops during your freshman and sophomore year so you can complete your professional experience during your junior or senior year.

Prerequisite Workshops

Information Session & Quiz 

* Complete online

Resume Review Workshop

* Schedule in advance, held multiple times each semester. 

Mock Interview Workshop

* Schedule in advance, held multiple times each semester. 

Pre-Professional Experience Paperwork

Complete and Submit the Professional Experience Packet

Download a digital copy using the link above. 

Supervisor Review

Mid-Term Evaluation

During your professional experience, your supervisor will complete a Mid-Term evaluation of your performance.

Final Evaluation

During the final weeks of your professional experience, your supervisor will complete a Final evaluation of your performance.

Student Paperwork

Final Reflection

To conclude, you will write a reflection on your professional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What counts as a valid professional experience?

    A valid experience requires skills and knowledge obtained from MCB courses. These experiences can be obtained through employment, volunteer activities or project-based opportunities. Your position should be similar to an entry-level position for a MCB graduate and tied to your career goal and/or field of study. 

    When evaluating a position, ask yourself:

    • What advanced skills and knowledge are essential for this position?
    • How will this position enhance my learning in MCB coursework?
    • What responsibilities of this position require advanced coursework at an institution of higher education?
    • Am I able to apply my knowledge learned from my upper division coursework to the experience?
    • What will I learn or experience from this professional experience position that I have not had the opportunity to learn or experience yet?
  • What does not qualify as professional experience?

    Professional Experience cannot include duties performed as a club official or for a student organization (like managing finances for a fraternity). These activities must be done for an organization outside the university. However, exceptions may be allowed if approved by the department chair or their designee.

    The following positions are usually not considered professional experience:

    • Telemarketing
    • Cashier
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Bank Teller
    • Community Advisor
    • Receptionist
    • Waiter / Host / Bartender
    • Point-of-Sale Representative
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Sales Floor Personnel
    • General Laborer

    If you are unsure a position qualifies as professional experience, please schedule a meeting with the professional experience coordinator for help. 

  • How can I find a position for Professional Experience?

    Employment opportunities for students are listed on Handshake. Sign in with your UNC credentials to explore opportunities exclusively for college students. 

    You may also reach out to the Professional Experience Coordinator for help finding a position. 

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