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Internships for Class Credit


To provide meaningful on-the-job work experience in a position that expands the student's educational experience.

  1. An application for an internship (In right sidebar) will be completed by the student. This application precedes any subsequent steps. The student's application must be approved by the department internship coordinator prior to the beginning of the internship experience.
  2. After the application has been completed and approved, initial contact with a firm will be initiated by the faculty coordinator.
  3. The sponsoring firm will provide a job description that outlines the training to be provided the student, the compensation offered, the starting and ending dates of the internship, and the hours of work per week. This job description will be sent directly to the faculty coordinator.
  4. Student candidates will be interviewed by the internship coordinator who will make final determination regarding the student's eligibility for the internship experience.
  5. 45 hours of work per semester hour of credit up to 3 hours of credit (3 credit hours = 135 work hours).
  1. The student must provide an interim report (2 to 3 pages) on progress toward internship goals approximately the middle of the semester and then a full final report (10 pages or more) before finals week during the internship experience semester. These reports will be provided to the internship coordinator for evaluation.
  2. Students are required to keep a diary of work activity and complete an internship report.
  3. The grade for the internship will be either "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" and will be based upon all the reports and evaluations described prior. The grade will be awarded by the faculty coordinator at the end of the semester.

*****An internship for credit will count as the required Professional Experience (PE) as long as the student is fills out the Professional Experience paperwork and completes the required prerequisite workshops as they complete their internship for credit.  If a student comes after completing an internship for credit seeking credit for their PE requirement, we will not be able to give them that credit as the PE forms need to be filled out while the internship/PE is taking place (midterm, final evaluation by employer and student final reflection).

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