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Career Development Requirements

When you enter the business world after college, would you like to have an advantage over other job candidates? All students at the Monfort College of Business are required to attend a Career Development Event each year that they are a student in MCB. Networking with employers is a skill we encourage you to practice, build, and utilize. When you attend these Career Development Events, it allows you to exercise the skills learned inside and outside of the classroom to make you a stronger candidate for companies upon graduation. You can graduate with confidence, knowing you are prepared to enter your professional career. 

This is a requirement for ALL MCB students. A written alternative assignment is offered after all events have passed, usually in March. Please note: You must sign in at these events to receive credit for attending.


Freshmen – Career Values and Exploration

All first-year students are required to attend one of the Career Values and Exploration.

Registration is open on Handshake. Search by title or by label "MCB". You can also click on the date of the event to register.  

Sophomores – Career Conversations

Career Conversations is hosted once per semester. You will meet with several alumni who will present on foundational or trending career topics. You are encouraged to ask the alumni questions and take notes on each topic.

March 20, 2024
5pm - 7pm
Location TBD

Registration is open on Handshake.  Search by title or by label "MCB". You can also click on the date of the event to register.  

Juniors – Networking Night

Networking Night is hosted annually in February during Career Week. This is similar to a career fair, with a heavy focus on internships and professional experiences. We encourage you to connect with several employers to identify a position that meets your professional experience requirements. Internships for credit are encouraged.

February 13, 2024
5:00pm -7:00pm 

Multi-Purpose Hall in the University Center 

Registration is open on Handshake.  Search by title or by label "MCB". You can also click on the date of the event to register.  

Seniors – Job, Internship, & Graduate School Fair

The Center for Career Readiness hosts several Career Fairs per year that meet the Career Development requirement. The Job, Internship, & Graduate School fair is hosted bi-annually in the fall and in February during Career Week. This is an excellent way to connect with employers seeking full-time employees. Alumni are welcomed to attend.

February 15, 2024
1pm - 4pm

Ballrooms at the University Center

You can  register here.

Alumni Panel Registration: https://www.unco.edu/alumni/careers/ 


Students can attend any MCB Sponsored event such as Career Interests, Career Conversations, Networking Night or Career Fair even if they are not that classification.

Upcoming Approved Alternatives

 Please note: You must sign in at events to receive credit for attending.

All classes have the option of a written alternative assignment. This varies by year but is always sent out to students once all approved events have passed (Usally sent near the end of March). Past assignments have included: Completing an informational interview with an employer, researching three jobs you may be interested in applying for post-graduation, etc. and typically involve a series of short-answer and fill in the blank questions.

Seniors may also provide proof of a full-time job offer in their field of study as an alternative to a job fair. For full-time job offer alternatives, you must submit a letter of offer or another document that includes your name, position, and employer contact information. Sensitive information such as social security number or banking information should be blocked out.

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