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T'zyah "T" Hicks

T'zyah "T" Hicks

Student Ambassador

Monfort College of Business

Contact Information

Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado

Campus Box
Greeley, CO 80639

Major:  Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing & FInance 

Club Involvement: Investments Club  

This will be my second year at UNC, and I am very honored to be serving as an MCB Student Ambassador. The things I love doing are going out with friends for different experiences, watching and studying various financial markets and listening to different kinds of music. Fighting games are a big part of my life as well and I love competing and just learning different games. I'm happy to be representing MCB as an ambassador and look forward to going to events and various activities in the future. 

With COVID during my first year of college, there weren't many experiences to have. The most memorable ones so far were anytime that I could go in person to go to class. Although simple, this meant a lot as it is a better learning environment for me overall. I hope to create and/or be a part of better and more eventful experiences in my upcoming time as an ambassador.

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