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Marissa Castaneda

Marissa Castaneda

Contact Information

Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Campus Box
Greeley, CO 80639


Major: Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting

Club Involvement: Student Manager for the Entrepreneurial Challenge and a Member of the Honors Interdisciplinary Program

Marissa is a freshman at MCB this year. She has chosen an accounting emphasis because she has grown up in the accounting world, so she knows the mindset, discipline, and hard work that it takes. Marissa is a Colorado native from Loveland. She loves to sing to herself to and from classes. Her favorite places on campus are the Michener Library, the ruins, and the library in Kepner because of the beauty, serenity, and history that all of the places have to offer. She is excited to be an ambassador so she can mentor and be the rock that students coming into UNC and MCB need during this new phase of life. 

Experience to Remember: The most memorable experience for Marissa was when she went to the Business Blastoff. The feeling of comfort, excitement, and warmth that was in the experience reminded Marissa of why she chose to be a business major at UNC in the first place. That feeling has not gone away even as she had classes in Kepner.