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Business Administration Minor

The Business Administration Minor is designed for students who have a major in a college other than business at the University of Northern Colorado. This minor provides a broad exposure to the functional areas in business, including accounting, computer information systems, finance, management, and marketing.

The minor can provide you with the basic business knowledge you need to succeed in almost any area of study, from artists who dream of owning a studio, social workers who hope to manage a department or non profit organization, or any professional who will be responsible for managing budgets and wants to position themselves for future success. Upon completion, you’ll understand:

  • How to build a budget and determine the future value of money and assets.
  • Basic concepts about marketing, and how it is applied in both
    business and non-business organizations.
  • How to manage information systems, including software,
    hardware, networking, internet and e-commerce.
  • Accounting as the language of business, including financial
    statement and cost information development, and the analysis of decision making.
  • Organizational behavior and human resources issues.

If you want to add a Business Administration Minor, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on at least 15 credit hours and obtain written approval from the Monfort College of Business Advising Center. 

To add a minor, contact the Monfort College of Business Advising Center at MCB.Advising@unco.edu or stop by Kepner 1095 or call (970) 351-1233.

Minor Requirements — 21 Credits

Take all of the following courses:

BACS 101 Business Computing


BAAC 301 Survey of Accounting


BACS 300 Information Systems


BAFN 302 Essentials of Business Finance


BAMG 350 Management and Organizational Behavior


BAMK 360 Marketing


ECON 205 Principles of MicroeconomicsLAB1


ECON 205 counts toward the LAC Social & Behavioral Sciences

Students may transfer a maximum of 6 semester credits (courses with a "BA" prefix) toward the minor from other institutions.

To graduate with a Business Administration Minor, a student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher in the courses that count towards the minor and earn at least a "C-" grade in each of the individual BA prefix courses.

BAAC 301 and BAFN 302 will not count toward a business major.

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