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Student and Foundation Fund Newsletter

Letter from the Portfolio Managers

The students of the Spring 2020 Student and Foundation Fund class
showed professionalism and impressive work ethic to ensure this class delivered
the utmost stewardship of funds granted to us. Our class focused on two main objectives
this semester: education and the continuity of the portfolio management
process from semester to semester. We also worked hard to deliver organization
and direction during the unusual circumstances surrounding COVID-19. We ensured
that each manager was able to utilize his/her resources in a way that promoted
efficiency and effectiveness for our portfolios. Each student is required to
obtain the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification at the beginning of class.
Through the standardization of buy/sell pitches, we were able to run this class as it
were a business, not just a high-value classroom experience. The class is committed
to ensuring that those who come after us are left feeling like they can pick up
the class seamlessly. We strive to leave each semester better than we found it. This
semester, our efforts were shown in several ways. First, we continued to work on
our centralized spreadsheet containing all current holdings and prior returns from
the inception of the SAFF portfolio dating back to 1993. Then, we transferred all
class records and documents to Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based service, to provide
24/7 access to all managers. Lastly, we updated our investment guidelines, and
redefined our holding classifications and weights. This semester, our class had the
opportunity to work through the tough COVID-19 crisis and learn how large, economic
events can shift the landscape of investments both domestically and globally.
As many were drastically affected in their day to day lives, the SAFF class
showed great resilience and professionalism this semester in committing to the
long-term time horizon. We cannot wait to see and hear about what future classes
are able to do with the new practices that have been set in place. We are confident
that future managers of the SAFF portfolio will perform well with the efforts that
have been made throughout this semester. The SAFF class would like to thank the
foundation, the Monfort College of Business, and the faculty and staff for giving us
the opportunity to gain real-world experience in investing. The managers view this
class as a career opportunity and have grown professionally as well as intellectually.
We would like to especially express gratitude to Dr. Clinebell for his direction
and the rich learning environment he creates for each of us. Dr. Clinebell has
pushed us throughout the semester to operate professionally, a trait of which will
stay with us for the rest of our careers. We are very grateful for everyone’s contribution
to both the portfolio and the student managers’ futures, and we look forward
optimistically to what lies ahead.
- Jesse Allen, Cameron Rose, and Jack Vea

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