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Student and Foundation Fund Newsletter

Letter from the Portfolio Managers

It is one thing to prepare, but it is another to pivot- and when Covid-19 created
an unprecedented financial crisis, pivoting is exactly what the analysts of the
Student and Foundation Fund did. Due to restrictions on the sizes of gatherings,
meetings were held over Zoom calls. From there, we weighted each sector of
the portfolio as “Overweight,” “Underweight,” or “Equal Weight,” to the S&P 500,
taking into consideration opportunities to profit from the market downturn, or
to resist it. Furthermore, economic forecasts were crafted that considered the
present market downturn, but also how healthy we expected the overall
economy to be in the future. When making decisions on whether to buy, sell, or
hold a security these forecasts acted as a wonderful tool in analyzing how these
securities would perform into the future.

The class was very thankful for all the access to technology from the University
to continue operations of our class. During the semester, the class utilized Zoom
to conduct our meetings and remote access to Bloomberg and Capital IQ to
help guide our decision making.

- Blake Mattson & Michael Costello

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