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Student and Foundation Fund Newsletter

This semester’s Student and Foundation Fund class displayed excellent professionalism and worked diligently to improve the portfolio throughout the semester. We focused on two main themes this term: attention to the strengths of each student manager in SAFF, and the continuity of the portfolio management process from semester to semester.
The class wanted to focus on using every manager’s strength to benefit the portfolio. Each student became an expert in a sector of their choice and was responsible for multiple holdings within those sectors. All our student managers became Bloomberg Certified, which elevated both the efficiency of preparation, but also the final quality our stock/bond/fund pitches.
Adding continuity into the portfolio was another goal that the class achieved. One way we did this was by adding a “holdings thesis” for every holding in the portfolio. This is intended to help future students understand the rationale behind each position, including targets the original, or subsequent, managers established. Maintaining continuity from semester to semester allows SAFF class to better understand the portfolio and better manage its risk/return prospects.
The SAFF class would like to thank the foundation, the Monfort College of Business, and the faculty and staff for giving us the opportunity to gain real world experience in investing. The managers view this class as a career opportunity and have grown professionally as well as intellectually. We would like to especially express the gratitude for how Professor Jares teaches the class. He has pushed us throughout the semester to operate in a very professional manner, which will stay with us for the rest of our careers. We are very grateful for everyone’s contribution to the portfolio and the student managers’ futures.
-Alex Stock and Jacob Piper

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