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Marketing Club

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Making Meaningful Connections & Collaborations.

We, as the UNC Marketing Association board, do our best to encourage partnerships, involvement, and collaboration with the Monfort College of Business, Greeley community, and local business owners. As a diverse group of students who study different majors and minors, UNCMA is a collection of strong, passionate members seeking opportunities and excellence in ways to enrich the educational experience.

TheUNCMA will provide its members networking opportunities and insight into the field of marketing, with real-world business experience. UNCMA is committed to development for professionalism, leadership, and pride in its members through planned activities to better prepare them for a highly competitive workplace environment.

The Monfort College of Business Marketing Club provides members with networking, community service, and leadership opportunities that will set them apart from others.

Board Members

President: Kaitlyn Brown - brow2053@bears.unco.edu

Vice President: Kyianna Garcia - garc4594@bears.unco.edu

Communications Officer: Kimberly Alvarez – alva4551@bears.unco.edu

Finance Officer: Yudielis Sanchez – sanc8021@bears.unco.edu

Community Service Officer: Olivia Dovo - doro2466@bears.unco.edu

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800 17th St
Campus Box 128
Greeley, CO 80639 



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