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Computer Information Systems

UNC’s Computer Information Systems emphasis provides students with knowledge, skills and practical experience in programming, systems analysis and design, database design and administration, security, e-business and networking. Students gain business skills for immediate employment in CIS and for advancement to CIS management positions.

The CIS minor is designed for students who wish to pursue collateral work in the computing, technology and communications/networking areas. Completion of the minor prepares a student to successfully employ technology and integrate information systems into his or her career activities. The CIS minor is attractive to students majoring in other areas of Business Administration as well as to majors from other schools and colleges. It complements their work in these other areas.

Master Course Syllabi

BACS101: Business Computing
BACS180: Introduction to Software Engineering
BACS200: Web Design and Development for Small Business
BACS285: Applications Programming Languages
BACS287: Graphical Interface Programming
BACS300: Information Systems
BACS350: Intermediate Web Development
BACS371: Introduction to Computer Forensics
BACS380: Network and Data Communication Systems
BACS382: TCP/IP Network Security
BACS383: Designing User Experiences
BACS385: Fundamentals of Project Management
BACS387: Object Oriented System Development
BACS392: Systems Platforms and Network Development
BACS422: Directed Studies
BACS485: Database Management Systems
BACS486: Advanced Database Management
BACS487: Systems Analysis and Design
BACS488: Senior CIS Project
BACS492: Internship in CIS
BACS495: Special Topics in CIS

"The experiences I've had and connections I've made at the Monfort College of Business have been absolutely incredible. The CIS program provides you with the latest tools in the industry and helps you easily develop technological and interpersonal skills. The professors are truly committed to your success, as they bring years of experience to the classroom and provide you with hands-on learning. Even though I don't graduate for another year, I have already landed my dream job and established personal connections for my future. I can't say enough about the CIS program at MCB."

- Ian Reynoso, Class of 2016

"The thing I enjoy most about the CIS program, and MCB in general, is that you have so many opportunities to prepare yourself for life after college. Every day I work with the technology that I will be using in a business environment and I am able to work with professors who not only teach but also currently work in the CIS field. The CIS program has helped me feel prepared for whatever path I may take come graduation."

- Amy Reams, Class of 2015

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