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MCB Certificate Programs

  • Digital Marketing Certificate Program

    The 12-hour Digital Marketing certificate is for students interested in acquiring the latest knowledge, skills, and tools in areas of digital marketing such as e-commerce, user experience design, basic web development, social media management, digital advertising, search engine marketing, and content creation.”

    Note: The digital marketing certificate will be of greatest interest and targeted to current and future non-business/marketing emphasis students and non-business students who want to use their university wide free electives and business electives to complement their current emphasis/major

    For example, a CIS student would be better prepared for developing websites or apps with a deeper understanding of the digital marketing use of these tools.  Or, a management emphasis student seeking a career in Human Resources would be better prepared for the HR task of recruiting and use of digital marketing tools.  Or, a Graphic Design major may seek to complement their career with a better understanding of how digital marketing strategies can complement their job/career.  Or, a Journalism major would have a broader understanding of digital tools and platforms to support their job/career.

    Digital Marketing Certificate Core/Required (6 Credits)

    BAMK 360 - Marketing (3)
    BAMK 371 - Digital Marketing (3)

    Digital Marketing Certificate Electives (Select any two courses – 6 credits)

    BAMK 478 - Social Media Marketing (3)
    JMS 415 Social Media Campaigns (3)

    BAMK 365 - Advertising and Promotion (3)

    BAMK 494 - Seminar in Digital Marketing (3) (may be repeatable under different subtitle up to 9 credit hours)

    BACS 200 - Web Design and Development for Small Business (3)

    BACS 383 - Designing User Experiences (BACS 200 pre-req) (3)

    ART 473 Brand Identity Design (3)
    ART 469 - Interactive Design(3)


    For information on how to register for the certificate, contact the Monfort College of Business Advising Center.  Kepner Hall 1095 or 970-351-1233.

  • Human Resource Management Certificate Program

    This 12-hour certificate program prepares students who are interested in not only a human resource management career, but also students who are interested in leadership. The certificate offers a very strong overview of the HR as well as a deep understanding of recruiting, selection, training, performance management, compensation, conflict resolution, and change management. The curriculum follows the recommendations by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and it helps students with SHRM’s national certification process.

    Certificate Requirements

    Required Certificate Coursework – 12 credits

    • BAMG 353 Human Resource Management (3)

    • BAMG 461 Talent Management (3)

    • BAMG 462 Employee Training and Development (3)

    • BAMG 463 Compensation, Performance Management & Conflict Management (3)

    Students must receive a C or better (C- is not acceptable) in all required courses for successful completion of the certificate.

    For information on how to register for the certificate, contact the Monfort College of Business Advising Center.  Kepner Hall 1095 or 970-351-1233.

  • Entrepreneurship Certificate

    This 12-credit entrepreneurship certificate will prepare students to become leaders in creating value through the development of new business opportunities, both within existing businesses and through new venture creation. The core courses in the certificate are designed to give students the appropriate framework for testing the feasibility of a business idea, putting together a business plan, and managing a new business. The certificate includes electives designed to give students practical hands-on experience in the entrepreneurship field by working directly with companies through an approved internship, consulting for small businesses, or learning how to launch a business.

    Certificate Requirements

    Entrepreneurship Certificate Core/Required (6 Credits)

    • BAMG 355 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (3)
    • BAMG 451 Managing New Business Ventures (3)

    Entrepreneurship Certificate Electives (Select any two courses – 6 credits)

    • BAMG 407 Small Business Counseling (3))
    • BAMG 410 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3)
    • BAMG 411 Social Entrepreneurship (3)
    • BAMG 412 Sustainable Innovation (3)
    • BAMG 492 Internship (3)

    For information on how to register for the certificate, contact the Monfort College of Business Advising Center.  Kepner Hall 1095 or 970-351-1233.

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