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MCB Students Compete in ICBSC

Six students from the Monfort College of Business didn't let COVID-19 stop their competitive spirit.  They competed in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC) competition via Zoom. Each spring, universities from all over the world participate in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition, which is the world’s most comprehensive business competition that has been running for 56 years. MCB students have been competing for the past three months. Unfortunately with the outbreak of the Coronavirus the final week of the competition was held in a virtual environment.  The team consisted of Kayla Abbott, Joanna Crownover, Heather Limon, Nick Sharp, Samuel Tegethoff, and Nicholas Trujillo.

Heather Limon, Samuel Tegethoff, Joanna Crownover, Nick Sharp,  Nicholas Trujillo, Kayla Abbott

From the students

Heather Limon - "ICBSC was a wonderful competition. I’m happy that I had a chance to participate even though the trip itself was canceled. The experience I got from this competition will stick with me for the rest of my life. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to represent MCB before I graduated!"

Kayla Abbott - "I had a lot of fun coming up with the product idea. Our product was the kangaroo blanket and after all the creative thought that went into the idea, I really wanted one in real life! I loved the creative side to thinking about how it could be marketed as well as how it could expand in the future. It was fun to think about the target markets and all its possibilities. This simulation was the first time we were able to really see how our classes come together and affect one another. We had to consistently communicate about the various “departments” of the company because if we did not, one person’s decisions would hurt the goals of another department. We also realized quickly it was a lot easier to make our decisions and communicate effectively when we consistently scheduled meetings and kept everyone up to date on how our numbers were affected each quarter. Personally, it also aided in my confidence when I knew we were all working towards the same goal. It was rewarding to watch our strategies play out in the simulation. It also was a good learning opportunity to watch when an event would occur in the simulation that was out of our control. Learning in the classroom sometimes makes everything seem very clear cut and when our workers suddenly were on strike, it made it clear that while yes, we could react and try to fix it, the outcome was not necessarily something we could command. Further, in a classroom setting sometimes to learn we must think of the extremes in black and white. This simulation showed how the smallest decisions would change our position. Overall, it was a rewarding experience. It was a helpful introduction to how important strategy and goals are in the real world."

“Congratulations to your team on winning two important trophies. The best presentation trophy Peak View earned was, according to the judges in your world, well deserved. And, because the competition for the Best Documents trophy is always fierce, Peak View’s earning of the runner up trophy should make the team and University proud”.  Host and Judges.

"I am proud of the six strategy students that demonstrated dedication throughout the semester in successfully representing MCB and UNC in the Strategy Competition, despite the challenges. Students often characterize the competition as their most beneficial experiential education."

Dr. Wanasika, Faculty Advisor. 


The International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition is a challenging competitive event that serves universities, their students and the business community. The Competition provides students with an exciting learning experience in which they, in direct competition with other college teams, run a simulated company and have the opportunity to network with business executives and students from around the world. Universities benefit by participating in a program that encourages student engagement, builds school pride and provides their best students with an experience that can jump-start their careers with a resume-building activity. Our business partners benefit by being able to meet and recruit talented individuals who have had the personal and professional growth experience of the ICBSC.

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