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Constantin Gurdgiev

Constantin Gurdgiev

Associate Professor

Monfort College of Business

Contact Information

Kepner Hall 1085B
Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Campus Box 128
Greeley, CO 80639


PhD in Macroeconomics and Finance, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, Ireland, 2005

MA Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 2000

Professional/Academic Experience

Constantin Gurdgiev taught investments, financial trading, impact finance, corporate finance, statistics, financial macroeconomics, and risk and VUCA analysis at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland, 2000-present), Northeastern University (Boston, USA, 2020-2021), Presidio Graduate School (San Francisco, USA, 2020-2021) and Middlebury College, MIIS (USA, 2016-2019).

His expertise and academic research are concentrated in the fields of investment markets, geopolitical and macroeconomic risk, uncertainty and complexity analysis.

Outside the classroom, Professor Gurdgiev is a co-Founder and the Board Member of two financial services charities working with the issues of financial empowerment in Europe. He chairs the Board of Directors in a regulated financial services non-profit organization and a Risk and Audit Committee of another organization. He also advises a range of financial services start-ups and institutional investors through his advisory practice macroview.eu.

Before returning to full time role in academia in 2016, Professor Gurdgiev served as Head of Research and Founding Partner of St. Columbanus AG, a diversified asset management firm based in Switzerland. Prior to that, he served as Head of Macroeconomics with the Institute for Business Value, IBM (USA), and Director of Research with NCB Stockbrokers, Ltd (Ireland).

Research/Areas of Interest

Professor Gurdgiev's research focuses primarily on investment markets, geopolitical and macroeconomic risks and VUCA analysis, volatility spillovers and systemic contagion analysis.

Publications/Creative Works

2016-2021 Articles

Behavioural Drivers of Demand for Cryptocurrencies: Fear, Greed & Uncertainty as Drivers of Investor Sentiment, with D. O’Loughlin. Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Finance, 25, 100271. Winter 2020.

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2016-2021 Select Industry Publications and Chapters

Informational efficiency and cybersecurity threats: A Social Impact Finance perspective of the systemic threats to blockchain applications, chapter 12 in “Innovations in Social Finance: Transitioning Beyond Economic Value”, eds. T. Walker, J. McGaughey, S. Goubran, and N. Wagdy, Springer. Spring 2021. Pages 347-372. ISBN 978-3-030-72535-8.

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Recalling the Celtic Tiger, contributed 13 encyclopedic-style chapters on Irish Financial Crisis, 1990-2018, focusing on the causes and the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, and the Great Recession. Eds Lucey, B., Maher, E. and O’Brien, E., Reimagining Ireland, Volume 93, ISBN 978-1-78997-286-3. 2019.

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Expert Witness Opinion: Judicial Review Application by the Association of Pension Trustees of Ireland with respect to the EU IQRPSII Directive Implementation, May 2019.

OECD-Led Tax Reforms: A Prescription for a Less Competitive Economy (June 18, 2019), presented at Digital Services Taxation, Policy Roundtable, University of Warwick Office, Brussels, July 10, 2019.

Expert opinion on transposition of the EU Directive on the Activities and Supervision of Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (2016/2341) in Ireland (APTI), May 2019.

Capital Markets Union: A Path of Unfinished Reforms, with Lyon, T., Cohen, A., Poda, M., and Salyer, M. April-March 2019, GEU/NGL European Parliament Group, EU Parliament, Brussels.

Optimal Structuring of Regulatory Enforcement and the Irish Experience, expert opinion for the High Court hearings in the case of J.S. Purcell v Central Bank and the Attorney General of Ireland, 2015-2016.

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