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Business Residential Learning Community

The Business Residential Learning Community is a joint effort between the Housing and Residential Education Department and the Monfort College of Business.

Students who live in this community have the opportunity to:

  • Live in a fantastic hall complete with the finest amenities and programming designed for business majors
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  • Take common courses with the other students in the Business Learning Community
  • Form study groups easily with other business students
  • Interact with business faculty members at events outside of the classroom, even before taking business classes
  • Visit Denver and local businesses to explore career paths in different emphasis areas
  • Dine with MCB alumni and faculty and learn from their experience and advice
  • Participate in other business programs right in the residence hall and learn from Resident Assistants who are also business majors

Students who choose to live in the Business Learning Community will all take a common course the first semester, BAFN 240, Introduction to Personal Finance. BAFN 240 satisfies a requirement in the Liberal Arts Core (Elective). Students will then take BACS 101, Business Computing, together the second semester. BACS 101 is required for all business majors and is an elective in the Liberal Arts Core.

Along with all of the opportunities students receive by living in the community, living in the community may also have a positive impact on academics. Students living in learning communities on average have a higher GPA than students who do not live in learning communities.

Please call the Monfort College of Business Advising Center at (970) 351-1233 for additional information regarding the Business Residential Learning Community program at UNC.

Spaces are limited, so sign up as soon as possible by choosing the Business Learning Community when filling out the UNC housing contract. For questions on how to sign up for the community, please contact Housing and Residential Education at (970) 351-2721. We look forward to having you join the exciting Business Residential Learning Community!


Business Learning Community Dinner with Alumni and faculty


"I absolutely loved this event and got so many great tips that were incredibly helpful."
– MCB Student

"Having the opportunity to talk to MCB Alumni in different fields and how they came into their current careers was excellent!"
– MCB Student
"I really enjoyed this dinner program. The alumni were great, as well as the faculty. They offered great insight and had great advice. "
– Shelby Walsh

North Hall: Home to the Business Residential Learning Community

North Hall
"I like that I have classes with a lot of people on the Business floor, so it is really easy to get help when we have questions or are unsure about assignments. "
– MCB Student

MCB Meet the Clubs Night

Cierra Cummings
"I am so glad that living in a business learning community affords these unique opportunities to explore the different options and careers paths that pursuing a business degree can lead you to."
- Cierra Cummins RA

Denver Business Tour

Denver Business Tour
A group photo after a tour and presentation from Frito Lay. "I loved the Denver Business Tour because we got to see what goes on behind the scenes and learn about the backbones of some major worldwide companies."
- Lindley Bell
Denver Business Tour
"The Denver business tour was a great and fun learning experience! I really enjoyed getting to see the many different ways that businesses are run."
- Chelsea Lobato
Denver Business Tour
Elizabeth Brady, a MCB alumnus, gives students a tour of the Ritz Carlton. "I thought that the Denver business trip was an amazing opportunity to not only experience some of Denver's biggest businesses, but to talk to Monfort graduates about their professional development. It was also a great networking and question asking opportunity to explore the different fields and types of positions available to Monfort graduates." - Cierra Cummins, RA