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Three winners of the sixth annual University of Northern Colorado Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge were announced during the televised event on Sunday, April 12, on KTVD Channel 20. The winner of the challenge was QB Labs, second place was GameCentrics, and third place was Change Composites.
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MCB Faculty

At the Monfort College of Business, our faculty is comprised of seasoned professors and world-class executives who are committed to educating the business leaders of tomorrow. Unlike many business schools, at the Monfort College of Business, students are never taught by a teaching assistant—only by respected professors and educators. 

Our faculty members are also active researchers, with articles appearing in highly respected journals.  They serve as consultants with businesses across the country and around the globe.  They also provide learning opportunities through competitions and hands on projects, so students are ready to contribute to the business world upon graduation.  It’s no wonder that our students consistently place in the top 4-10% on a national standardized test that measures core business knowledge.

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MCB Faculty