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Even before opening her new restaurant, Work & Class, in Denvers Ballpark neighborhood four months ago, alumna Delores Tronco (BA-05) had made a big name for herself in the metro dining scene. Tronco dove headfirst into Denvers culinary world in 2010, managing and directing human resources at such stylish eateries .....
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November 26
Thanksgiving holiday for students. Classes won't be held but university offices are open
November 28
The university is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Monfort College of Business graduates are in demand.  Employers tell us that our students are well educated in their area of study, know how to work in teams and have hands-on experience through Professional Experiences and special projects.  They’re also skilled in utilizing current technology. Employers appreciate that our students are ready to contribute from day one on the job.

If you are interested in hiring our students, whether as interns or full-time employees, click on the “Post a Job/Internship” link in the menu items on the left. You can also come on campus to interview job candidates, participate in the University’s Job and Internship Fairs or list available positions on Bears Career Connections with Career Services.

Alexa Williams is the Monfort College of Business Career Services representative. Reach her at (970) 351-1844 or