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Upcoming Events

  • September 24, 2019 (Meet the Firms)

    September 24, 2019
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PAA and BAP members)
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Open to all
    Kepner Hall Ruins

    As the fall season fast approaches, Meet the Firms and other career events are right around the corner. For those of you who are not familiar with Meet the Firms events, this is an accounting-specific career fair and reception where students are able to interact with potential employers from public firms, private companies, and government agencies that are seeking interns and new staff.

    At Meet the Firms, recruiters are looking for individuals with personalities that will match the atmosphere of their company. They will be interested in your goals and ambitions, communication skills, leadership skills, ability to get along with others, and your poise and confidence. 
     Take a look at our tips for what to do before, during, and after Meet the Firms.

    Before the event

    Take time to research each firm. Learn about the firms size, office locations, client base. Visiting the firms web site is always a good idea. You want to be able to talk to firms you could see yourself at in the long run. Be familiar with who you will be speaking with and know what you are talking about. Its your time to shine and invest in your future, so make sure you are fully prepared.
    List out the skills an experience you have to offer a potential employer and practice how to verbalize them. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, making sure to come up with the steps you are taking to overcome your weakness. 
    Determine why you are the best fit for the firm. Picture yourself in a room of students with all of the same experience and GPA. Why would a recruiter pick you? What sets you apart?
    Talk with other students who have attended a Meet the Firms even before to get a better understanding of what to expect. 

    During the Event

    Dress for success. Remember that you are entering an industry that is very conservative. The dress code for this event is business professional. 

    **Make sure to check-in at the front doors in order to receive credit**

    A skill that can prove to be invaluable at this event is the ability to start and hold a conversation. Many times, when you walk up to an employer, they will wait for you to initiate the conversation, so be ready! Some conversation starters include the firms career or advancement opportunities or asking about the work environment along with work/life balance. You could also ask the recruiter how they started out, what they enjoy about working at the firm, or why they went with Tax vs. Audit. Ask questions and listen carefully! 

    After providing the recruiter with your resume, ask them for their business card in return. This will make for easy follow up, and help you remember the names of the firms you visited with that day!

    After the Event

    Follow up with a Thank You to the recruiters that met and spoke with you during the event. Try incorporating a small detail from the conversation you had to make the message personal and help them remember exactly who you are.
    Take a deep breath and relax! It is natural to be nervous at the event, just remember that the recruiters are there to meet YOU! Best of luck!

    Tips for Meet the Firms is from Roger CPA Review

  • September 30, 2019 (MCB Ethics Case Competition)
    Daniels Fund is looking for student groups of 3-5 to compete in the ethics case competition. Need to register with Kristi Cozbey (Kepner 1055) before September 19th and you will receive the case on the 23rd. All participants will receive $10 bear bucks, winning team will be awarded $250 bear bucks, 2nd place team will be awarded $150 bear bucks and 3rd place team will be awarded $100 bear bucks.
  • October 01, 2019 (Guest Speaker - Jim Parke, President of OtterProducts)

     Jim Parke

    Jim Parke

    President & CEO Otter Products
    2:00 pm-3:15 pm, Campus Commons (Room 1203)

    As President and CEO of Otter Products, Jim Parke drives strategic development. Parke brings to this role a deep understanding of corporate structure and finance as well as experience developing and mentoring start-up and early stage companies. Parke also serves as CEO for Blue Ocean Enterprises Inc. where he manages all operations for the company, including the real estate and professional services functions of the company. He’s held this role since 2013 and has overseen the formation and acquisition of new business ventures ranging from start-up companies to multinational corporations.

  • October 02, 2019 (Erica Salmon Byrne, Executive Vice-President and Chair of BELA, Ethisphere)

     Erica Salmon Byrne, J.D. Executive Vice President and Chair of BELA

    Erica Salmon Byrne, J.D.

    Executive Vice President Ethisphere and Chair of BELA
    11:15 am-12:05 pm, University Center (Panarama Room)

    Erica Salmon Byrne is the Executive Vice President for The Ethisphere Institute, where she has responsibility for the organization’s data and services business and works with Ethisphere’s community of clients to assess ethics and compliance programs and promote best practices across industries. Ms. Salmon Byrne also serves as the Chair of the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance; she works with the BELA community to advance the dialogue around ethics and governance, and deliver practical guidance to ethics and compliance practitioners around the globe. 

    Prior to joining Ethisphere, Ms. Salmon Byrne served as the Executive Vice President of Compliance & Governance Solutions for NYSE Governance Services, Corpedia, a leading ethics, compliance, and risk assessment consulting company and licensed credentialing partner of the Ethisphere Institute. Ms. Salmon Byrne worked closely with Corpedia’s varied clients in addressing their compliance needs, including evaluating compliance programs, assisting companies in measuring peer practices and drafting training programs. She hosted the on-demand web video series, Inside Compliance, and shared the host chair of another on-demand web series from NYSE Governance Services, This Week in the Boardroom. She was also responsible for product strategy for NYSE Governance Services.

    Prior to joining Corpedia, Ms. Salmon Byrne practiced with DLA Piper in Washington, DC, where she focused in the areas of internal investigations, enforcement actions, government audits, and international law. Ms. Salmon Byrne has advocated on behalf of clients in front of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and the Northern District of Georgia, the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and the House of Representatives’ Permanent Subcommittee’ for Oversight and Investigations. In addition, she assisted multinational companies in complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.S. Export Controls.

    Ms. Salmon Byrne received a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Washington University, a Master of Arts degree with Highest Distinction from Northeastern University and a Juris Doctor cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center. She is a regular columnist in The Compliance and Ethics Professional and a contributing editor to the Compliance and Ethics blog. She previously served as adjunct faculty, teaching business ethics in the Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

  • October 03, 2019 (David Ryan Polgar, Tech Ethicist)

     David Ryan Polgar - Tech Ethicist

    David Ryan Polgar

    Tech Ethicist & Digital Citizenship Expert
    9:30 am - 10:45 am, University Center (Panarama Room)

    David Ryan Polgar is a leading voice in the areas of tech ethics, digital citizenship, and tech balance/digital wellness. He is a tech writer (IBM thinkLeaders, Quartz, Dell Perspectives), global speaker, and regular media commentator for national & international press. Polgar is the co-host/co-creator of Funny as Tech, a NYC-based bi-monthly live panel show & weekly podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in technology. He recently launched All Tech Is Human, which serves as a hub for the thoughtful tech movement. 

  • October 03, 2019 (SBDC Woman’s Conference)

     Northern Colorado Women's Conference

    Northern Colorado Women's Conference

    Topic: Managing a Business

    Join the Colorado Small Business Development Center for a day of breakout sessions, keynote speakers, networking, one-on-one consulting, and more!

    October 3, 2019
    7:30 am - 6:00 pm
    The Ranch, Loveland CO
    $75 / Attendee
    Scholarships are available email info@ColoradoSBDC.org or call 303-892-3816

    Keynote Speaker - Beryl Stafford, Bobo Oat Bars

    When Beryl Stafford sat down with her daughter 'Bobo' on a rainy afternoon in spring 2003, she had no idea that the oat bar recipe they were making was about to change her future. Founded in Boulder, CO Bobo's began as a mother-daughter baking tradition with a mission to bake healthier, more nutritious snacks. The homemade oat bars quickly became a local Boulder favorite and the lineup of nourishing bars and bites can now be found in over 7,000 grocery stores nationwide. Berly's goal is to 'feed you like we feed our family, with hand-baked products that bring you home' for everyone who craves delicious homemade food. While Beryl's dedication to Bobo's keeps her busy, she still finds time to play tennis and ride her road bike around beautiful Colorado. Owning and running a successful health food company in Boulder is a dream come true, and she is constantly looking for ways to take Bobo's into the future. 


    7:30 am - Registration
    8:00 am - Breakfast
    9:00 am - Breakout Sessions 1
    10:00 am - Breakout Sessions 2
    11:00 am - Breakout Sessions 3
    12:00 pm - Keynote Lunch
    1:30 pm - Exhibitors & Networking
    2:30 pm - Breakout Sessions 4
    4:00 pm - Networking Reception

    Breakout Session Descriptions

    9:00 am Breakout Sessions

    5 Steps to a Modern Marketing System That's Easy, Affordable, and Works!

    Whether you are just starting out and need a plan to market your business; or your are a seasoned business woman that would like to up'level and modernize your marketing, this session is for you! Run as a workshop, we will walk step-by-step through my Modern Marketing System and how you can implement it. I will teach you how to build an easy affordable and effective marketing system for you business that brings in new leads and opportunities to fuel your growth to the next level.

    Melissa Kellogg Lueck, Avanti Creative Group Inc.

    Define the Line: Creating Change to Help Prevent Workplace Harassment

    Join Define the Line co-founder, Tina Todd, during this interactive presentation to learn more about how we each can spark real change in our organizations by speaking up when someone makes us feel uncomfortable. This presentation is ideal for those who want to learn how to speak up in difficult situations, how to inspire teams and workers to do the same.

    Tina Todd, simplyHR and Define the Line Co-Founder

    Are Certifications a Real Opportunity for Me? Creating Revenue Opportunities within an Alternative Market for My Business!

    During this session, you will learn about the federal, state, local, and private certifications for your business and how to convert them into a new revenue stream for you business by creating access to government and corporate contracts. Learn about how to find opportunities for contracts and tools you need to use to "find"opportunities and "be found" as a vendor. Furthermore, attending this session will give you access to non-cost consulting and a variety of networking opportunities

    Rosy McDonough, Minority Business Office

    Speed Lending and Consulting

    Seeking funding for you business? Not sure what questions to ask or how best to prepare?
    Stop in during speed lending and meet with lenders in Northern Colorado. Share about your business dreams and needs. Learn directly from several bankers and lending partners about what documents you'll need to take to your official meeting. 

    10:00 am Breakout Sessions

    Reach Customers Online with Google

    Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your business using Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) and Smart Campaigns in Google Ads.
    In this workshop we will discuss best practices for:
    - Improving your website's visibility in Google's organic search results, on all devices
    - Creating a free Google My Business Listing
    - Advertising you business on Google
    Led by Pamela Starr, one of Google's professional national trainers, this is a can't miss workshop for every small business owner.

    Pamela Starr, Grow with Google Speaker

    Work Less to Earn More! Productivity Tools to Decrease Your Stress and Increase Your Income

    Are you running our business or is your business running your? Many entrepreneurs are working more for less and less return. Get control of your work-life balance and boost your business success with a few simple and easy-to-implement productivity tools! You can increase you impact and income working smarter, not harder!
    1. Using the 80/20 rule to get more sales doing less marketing and promotion
    2. Using your WHY to simplify your business so your become the sought-after, well-paid expert in your field
    3. How to use your schedule to get paid more while working less

    Chrysta Bairre, Live Love Work

    Options for Employee Ownership

    Nee a succession plan for you business? Curious about employee ownership as a business model? Employee ownership can provide business owners a viable way to preserve their legacy, increase business productivity and stability, create an exit plan, and keep businesses rooted in the local community, all through selling your business to your employees. In the session, Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (RMEOC) will explain the range of options for becoming employee-owned including ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) and worker-owned cooperatives, overview the process of converting to employee ownership, and talk about where to go in Colorado for assistance in conversion. 

    Amy Beres, Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership

    Speed Lending and Consulting

    Seeking funding for you business? Not sure what questions to ask or how best to prepare?
    Stop in during speed lending and meet with lenders in Northern Colorado. Share about your business dreams and needs. Learn directly from several bankers and lending partners about what documents you'll need to take to your official meeting. 

    11:00 am Breakout Sessions

    Instagram for Small Business - Take it to the Next Level

    Can you confidently say your business is leveraging Instagram to its full potential? If you didn't answer this with a resounding yes, let us take it to the next level! Instagram is constantly changing and its features are always on the move - this powerful platform has more than 1 billion world-wide users and chance are, some of the very customers you want to reach are on this platform.

    If you are not already, it is high time to make the most of you Instagram posting, promotions, and stories. Join Amy Alcorn of Aspen Grove Marketing to learn more about how you can use Instagram to support your business goals. This course will cover Instagram Stories and IGTV, how to connect and engage with your fans, and growth hacks you may be missing out on!

    Amy Alcorn, Aspen Grove Marketing

    Owning Your Leadership

    Women in leadership face many challenges - fiscal accountability, managing team dynamics, setting vision, being responsible to customers, while instilling confidence in their brand and company. so why do women often shy away from owning their strengths, successes, and ideas as leaders? Social research can help us reveal patterns in women's confidence, so that we as women can own our place at the table and our role as leaders. This session will offer an honest look at our own patterns as women, and identify important strategies and concrete actions that women can take so they can fully step into their leadership and nurture confidence and promote leadership development for other women. 

    Colleen Stanevich, Zusammen Consulting, LLC

    Client Panel

    Running a small business is challenging. Getting money to run that business can be even more challenging. Join local women business owners as they share their experiences in obtaining financing. 
    Amiee Houton, Aunt Helen's Coffee
    Heather Bean, Syntax Spirits

    Speed Lending and Consulting

    Seeking funding for you business? Not sure what questions to ask or how best to prepare?
    Stop in during speed lending and meet with lenders in Northern Colorado. Share about your business dreams and needs. Learn directly from several bankers and lending partners about what documents you'll need to take to your official meeting. 

    2:30 pm Breakout Sessions

    How to Recognize and Motivate Sales Talent

    Probable the biggest unknown of starting a business is what level of demand you can generate for your product or services. People who have a flair for converting this demand into orders for your company are rare and valuable. They might be working in a variety of positions in your business. It is an advantage to the entrepreneur to be able to recognize and motivate these individuals, regardless of the size of your business.

    Kristi has decades of experience with recognizing and motivating sales talent. She will share what she has learned, pro and con, to help you spot, and retain, the talent that could have a large benefit for your business.

    Kristi Cannon

    Engaging with Your Financial Statements: Practical Advice for Business Owners

    Do your financial statements have impostor syndrome? Know when to trust them, and how to use them. Understand what your financial statements are saying in order to make better business decisions. Discover the most important financial rations to your business and how to measure them. 

    Debbi Allison, Open Book Consulting and Jeanne Bolz, Certified Pro-Advisor in QuickBooks

    Cybersecurity for Small Business

    Cyber criminals are targeting small businesses because they lack the resources of enterprise companies. According to TechRepublic, small business data attacks can cost a business as much as $250,000. In this seminar, audience members will receive practical tips and advice when they can use to protect themselves against cyberattacks. 

    Al Harris, Technical Framework

    Speed Lending and Consulting

    Seeking funding for you business? Not sure what questions to ask or how best to prepare?
    Stop in during speed lending and meet with lenders in Northern Colorado. Share about your business dreams and needs. Learn directly from several bankers and lending partners about what documents you'll need to take to your official meeting. 



  • October 04, 2019 (A Sandwich for your Thoughts)
  • October 04, 2019 (Colorado Business Career Fair)

     All Colorado Business School Career Fair logo

    Friday, October 4, 2018 | 10:00AM—3:00PM | Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO

    The 6th Annual Colorado Business School Career Fair will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019 from
    10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at Mile High Stadium!

    The Colorado Business School Career Fair is a collaborative effort between the business schools at the University of Denver, University of Colorado system, and Colorado State University system — with the support of the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado as a participating school. This fair is the premier fall recruiting event in the Rocky Mountain Region.

    Attendance is free and open to sophomore, junior, and senior UNC Business Administration, Software Engineering, and Economics majors, minors, graduate students, and alumni. All participants must register to attend. Please see below for additional details and frequently asked questions about the event. 

    What companies will be attending the fair?

    A full list of participating companies will be posted soon. 

    I don't have a way to get to Denver, is transportation available?

    Yes! MCB is providing three shuttles (maximum of 42 seats available) for students who need transportation. Those interested in riding the shuttle will need to indicate they need transportation through the registration link, in addition to signing-up. You may only reserve one seat on the shuttle and priority will be given to Business Administration, Software Engineering, and Economic undergraduate majors.

    Do I have to attend the entire fair?

    If you have your own transportation, you may come and go as you please — although it is recommended to attend the earlier portion of the fair to ensure employers of interest are present and available. Those who take the shuttle will be staying for the entire event, or until all shuttle riders are ready to leave.

    I have my own transportation, how do I get to the fair and where can I park?

    The fair is at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado with parking available in lots A and B. Address/directions for parking.

    How can I prepare for the fair?

    There will be a fair prep workshop occurring Monday, September 24, 2018 from 4:00PM—5:00PM in Kepner Hall, room 2025. It is strongly recommended you attend this event prior to the fair. If you are unable to attend this prep workshop, research companies attending ahead of time, apply for open positions before the fair, and schedule an appointment with UNC Center for Career Readiness (Formerly Career Services) to review any application materials or practice interviewing/get networking tips.

    What should I bring with me to the fair?

    You will need to bring copies of your resume (20+ is recommended), possibly a general cover letter, and ensure you are dressed in business professional attire (if you are not dressed appropriately, you will not be allowed onto the shuttle/into the fair). MCB will be providing nametags to all pre-registered attendees, and business cards to Business Administration and Software Engineering majors and minors (Economics students and any alumni will need to provide/create their own business cards if desired). Also, bring snacks and water as the concessions will not be operating during the fair!

    Who should I contact if I have more questions?

    Contact Melissa Hoffman with any questions.

  • October 09, 2019 (UNC Career Fair)

    Fall Job, Internship and Graduate School Fair
    The Fall 2019 Job, Internship and Graduate School Fair will be held on:

    Wednesday, October 9
    1-4 pm 
    UNC Campus, University Center Ballrooms

    **Make sure to check-in at the front doors in order to receive credit**

  • Friday, December 13, 2019 (Graduate Commencement Ceremony)

    Spring 2019 Graduation

    Fall 2019 Graduate

    Friday, December 13, 2019, 7:00 p.m. in the Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler Hancock Athletic Center.

    More information regarding fall 2019 Graduate graduation.

  • Saturday, December 14, 2019 (Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony)

    Fall 2019 Graduation

    Fall 2019 Undergraduate

    Saturday, December 14, 2019, 9:00 a.m. at Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler Hancock Athletic Center.

    More information regarding fall 2019  Undergraduate graduation.