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Ethics Case Competition

Congratulations to the Fall 2023 Winners!

1st Place: Ethical Excellence
Felix Appiah Kubi, Theophilus K. Acquah, and Gabriel Owusu

2nd Place: The Dull Blades
Cole Cavey, Gabriella Reyna, and Austin Floyd

3rd Place: Moral Realists
Marissa Castaneda and Ryan Blackmon

Thank you all who competed.

The Fall 2023 Ethics Month Case Competition is hosted by the Monfort College of Business for all University of Northern Colorado enrolled students to participate.

Through participation in this event, students will: 

  1. Exhibit teamwork by participating as a "Consulting Firm" analyzing an ethical and practical solution. 
  2. Demonstrate strong ethical awareness and knowledge in the application of a solution to a real-world business scenario.

  3. Build critical thinking skills necessary for a long-term successful career.

Competition Guidelines


Teams of two to five members will compete in the Ethics Case Competition. Teams may be comprised of students enrolled in any college or school in the UNC Community. 

To participate, teams must send Mary Siek the Team Interest form by Monday, October 11, 2023

Team Interest Formmary.siek@unco.edu

Presentation Day & Case Release Day

  • Case Release: Monday, October 16, 2023 Case Study & Judging Rubric sent to teams
  • Presentation Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 beginning at 9:00 am in the Phelps Room (Kepner 2035), each team will present their “solution” in a 10 minute presentation
    • Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles have been provided to help guide and aid in arriving at your solution.
    • Each team will have access to research facilities on campus including computer labs with internet access and libraries.
    • Teams may NOT use their advisor, instructor, or any student organization member.
    • Each team will present their “solution” to a panel of judges which explains and documents their case study solution.
  • On Monday, October 23, 2023 by 12pm noon, the PowerPoint slides (.ppx, .pptx) should be sent to Mary.Siek@unco.edu. The slides will be up and ready to go when you arrive in the Phelps Room. A PowerPoint clicker to move the slides will also be provided.

Check-in on Presentation Day 

  • The team should check in at a table we will have in the area outside Milne Auditorium no later than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled presentation. The teams should check back into the table after the presentation to receive their Complimentary Case Participation Prize. 
  • Each presentation will last 15 minutes:
    • 1. 10 minutes for presentation & 2. 5 minutes for Q & A 
  • Please note that these times will be strictly enforced. Make sure you practice and time your presentation! 
  • Dress code: Business Professional (required to present)


Awards will be provided for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 25 by 5:00 PM via email and digital signs and recognized by MCB Dean Ken Colwell.


An independent panel of professors will judge the presentation for the Business Ethics Case Competition. Teams will be judged based on three components:

  • The Application of Ethical Principles (general and Daniels Fund)
  • Business Consideration
  • Presentation Skills

Competition Rules & Expectations

  • Competition teams (2-5 students) are expected to maintain an exemplary level of conduct throughout.
  • The PowerPoint slides should be sent to Mary.Siek@unco.edu no later than 12:00 pm Monday, October 24, 2023. The slides will be up and ready to go when you arrive in the Phelps Room. A PowerPoint clicker to move the slides will also be provided. 
  • The identification of the ethical problems and the respective solutions devised by each team must be original work (i.e. not copied, transcribed, or adapted from any pre-existing materials or sources).
  • Teams may not contact or receive help from their advisor, instructor, or any student organization team members in identifying issues or developing a plan. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification
  • The case problem and solution must be supported with relevant data derived from reliable sources online, from the community, the library, or textbooks.
  • Each presentation will be judged on the application of general and Daniels Fund ethical principles, business consideration, and presentation skills.
  • Competition rooms are not open to the public. Only judges, presenting team members, and invited guests will be permitted. The same case study will be presented by all teams. A MCB room monitor will provide access to and from the competition room. A MCB timekeeper will provide notifications when teams have 2 minutes remaining, 30 seconds remaining, and when time has expired. 
  • The Monfort College of Business expects all participants will treat one another with dignity and respect. All participants shall demonstrate honesty and integrity in their statements and actions. All participants are expected to adhere to honesty, fairness, and doing the right thing without compromise, even when circumstances make it difficult. It is the personal responsibility of each individual working within and throughout the competition to observe high standards of business and personal ethics.
  • Alleged violations of any of the case competition rules will be reviewed and investigated by the head judge who will determine the consequences for any team found to be in violation of the rules. The head judge’s decision is final in all such matters.
  • The Monfort College of Business reserves the right and permission to publish, publicize, or otherwise utilize oral presentations for illustration, advertising, training, or any other lawful purpose. The official host photographer/videographer and members of the mass media, approved by the host school, shall have full access to all presentation rooms at any time. All teams should be prepared for the possibility of media filming or taking pictures of their presentation.

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