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Impacting the Future of our Business World

The primary objective of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program is active engagement of students — not research or publishing — that builds a solid principle-based ethical framework central to decision-making in a complex business environment. Drawing from the examples of Bill Daniels' life, ethics instruction will convey that principles are a constant foundation, not relative to a specific situation, and that doing what’s right prevails over self interest on occasions when the two may appear to collide.

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program works to integrate ethics instruction throughout the curriculum that includes real-world practical applications, provides exposure to business practitioners, and maintains relevance to the ever-changing business environment. 

The driving force behind the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program is the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium, a partnership between 12 regional universities. This Consortium leverages the achievements of the individual business schools—through collaboration—to further strengthen and expand ethics education in the region. Each university is responsible for designing and implementing the Daniels FundEthics Initiative Collegiate Program on their campus to advance these defined objectives:

  • Student learning
  • Involvement of the business community
  • Collaboration through the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium
  • Outreach to other institutions of higher education
  • Outreach to community constituents
  • Outreach to non-business disciplines on campus

The universities comprising the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium include:


New Mexico



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