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Saana Liikonen

Saana Liikonen

Student Manager

Monfort College of Business

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Major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance
Minor in Economics

Club Involvement: Swimming & Diving Team

Bio: My name is Saana Liikonen and I was born in Lahti, Finland in 2001. I have been swimming for most of my life, and sports is one of the biggest reason I came to study to the United States. Here it is easier to combine the academic life with sports. Right now I'm studying as a sophomore with a major in Business Finance and minor in Economics. 

I have worked summer jobs as a life saver, cleaner and property manager. Those jobs has taught me to be a hard worker, how to interact with customers, and communication skills. A big impact to who I am as a worker has also been impacted by my hobby - swimming. The years of balancing sports and education have made me to master the skill of time management. Swimming has also build me to be enthusiastic, creative and ambitious human being. If I have a goal, I will come up with a way to reach the goal with my hard working attitude. 

My goal in life is to be successful. Success in life for me is to say that "I can" instead that "I have to". Success is happiness, financial freedom, and helping others to be successful in life too. I constantly desire to learn new, to meet new people and understand their backgrounds, and be a support to people around me. 

LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saana-liikonen-152224219