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Reem Asefaw

Reem Asefaw

Student Manager

Computer Information Systems
Monfort College of Business

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Major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems

Club Involvement: Marketing Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Chi Alpha UNC, KOBU

Bio: Reem Asefaw is a second-year student major in Business Information Systems and she hopes to work in the healthcare, technology, or business industry after she graduates. Since arriving in the United States as a refugee from Eritrea in 2017, Reem has worked incredibly hard to succeed in her academic studies which have involved meeting and overcoming significant obstacles, such as developing proficiency in a new language, catching up for missed schooling, and bridging cultural differences. Her determination has helped her to succeed despite these obstacles. 

Reem is a principled person who lives her life with integrity. She has dealt with considerable adversity in her life and has persevered with courage and grace. She is unfailingly kind and respectful of others. She is outgoing and friendly. Reem understands what it means to be a first-generation student and her ability to speak three languages (Amharic, Tigrinya, and English) has helped her to build community and leadership skills. She conducts her life with honesty and seeks to make the world around her better. 

When Reem is not working or doing homework, she enjoys volunteering, biking, hiking, weight lifting, and spending time with her family. 

LinkedIn Link: www.linkedin.com/in/reem-asefaw-ba0410206