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Many students prefer to use Apple computers. Although Macs are used widely in the creative world, the Windows Operating System is the standard in business environments. As such, many business applications do not run natively on the Mac. The majority of lab computers on the UNC campus utilize the Windows 8.1 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2013, but if you would prefer to use your personal computer, there are options available that will allow you to run Windows on your Mac. These include BootCamp (Dual Boot) or VMFusion (Virtualization). Although VMFusion is not free ($49), it is much easier to set-up and use.

BootCamp (Free)

Boot Camp is software included with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Snow Leopard that lets you run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac.

This option is provided free of charge for anyone with the following system

  • An Intel-based Mac with a built-in or USB keyboard and a built-in trackpad or USB mouse.
  • Mac OS X v10.5 or later.
  • The latest firmware updates available for your Mac.
  • At least 10 GB (for Windows XP or Windows Vista), 16 GB (for 32-bit Windows 7), or 20 GB (for 64-bit Windows 7) of free space on your startup disk (single partition).
  • A full, single-disc version of Windows 7 (Mac OS X v10.6 or later only). Boot Camp does not include Windows. You must provide your own properly licensed installation disc.

    Note: OS X Lion only supports new installations of Windows 7.

  • Boot Camp Assistant (located in /Applications/Utilities/).
  • Windows 8.x can be downloaded for free by students currently enrolled in a Business Class.

Click the BootCamp support page including installation instructions>>

VMFusion ($49* If you are currently enrolled in a CIS class this is provided free of charge for one year. (Click on VMWARE to the left))

VMFusion allows a user to run a virtual instance of an operating system and performs like a computer within another computer. This option allows Windows applications to run simultaneously with Apple applications.

Click Here for details >>

Windows 8.x can be downloaded for free by students currently enrolled in a Business Class.

Download the PDF version to install VMFusion3 Getting started with VMFusion (Includes information on installing, and using VMFusion).

*This price includes the installation media and can be purchased at Bear Logic. (2045 10th Ave, Greeley CO 80639)

If you would like to discuss either of these technologies feel free to contact the Monfort College of Business Director of Academic Technology Chris Vegter at chris.vegter@unco.edu .