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Frequent Questions About Digital Signs

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What kind of messages can be displayed?

There are digital flat screens, tickers and other digital media displays throughout Kepner Hall, providing important information to staff, faculty and students at the Monfort College of Business. This information includes news headlines, current weather, ski reports, stock values, professor office hours, class schedules, special events, competition results and information about study abroad and scholarships. If you have questions about potential content for digital signage, contact chris.vegter@unco.edu

How reliable is the information on digital signage in Kepner Hall?

The person providing the information for digital signage is responsible for the accuracy of content. However, notifications about class cancellations can only be made by a professor, so that information is almost always accurate.

How much does it cost to utilize digital signage?

The use of digital signs in Kepner Hall is free. However, the content must be appropriate and of interest to staff, faculty and students at MCB.

What format should I use for my digital display?

Bulletins concerning events, announcements, or awards that have ties to the school or the university are typically relevant material. If you are unsure whether or not your bulletin will be accepted, just send it in. We will post it if it is pertinent or let you know if it is not.

What resolution does my bulletin need to be in for it to work?

Use the default ratio for PowerPoint, which is 4:3.

Can I submit a photograph?

If you want to use a photograph in your digital sign, be sure to include it in your layout, which should fit the PowerPoint default ratio of 4:3. This prevents the system from "scaling" the photography. Also, make sure the image is easy to view quickly and appropriate.

When are submissions due?

Content submissions are due two weeks in advance. For example, if your club has a special event planned, be sure to submit your digital display (content and images in a layout) 7 days in advance.

Can I choose where I want my bulletin displayed?

MCB staff will determine the appropriate sign location for your message.

My bulletin was rejected. Now what?

If your bulletin was rejected because it didn't provide complete information or wasn't in the right format, you are free to make changes and resubmit the bulletin. If it was rejected because it wasn't appropriate for or relevant to the staff, faculty and students of MCB, you may resubmit it, but it is doubtful the decision will be changed.

How does this technology work?

The digital signage at the Monfort College of Business is powered by Visix, Inc.'s AxisTV. Click here for more information..