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Create a Bulletin

Creating bulletins enables you to use any of your own graphics and styles in addition to making sure all of the necessary information is shown.


Bulletins must be submitted as a Powerpoint file (in either *.ppt or *.pptx form). Your bulletin needs to maintain a 4:3 (landscape) aspect ratio, which is the default layout in Microsoft Office Powerpoint. Your bulletin should not contain multiple slides for time reasons.

Once you are finished creating a bulletin, send an email to chris.vegter@unco.edu with the following information:

  • The bulletin as an email attachment
  • Brief summary of the bulletin
  • Requested start and stop dates for presenting the bulletin


These Powerpoint templates are available to help you with designing your own bulletin. These templates will allow you to focus on content rather than design. Click on a thumbnail of the template to download it to your computer. These templates require Microsoft Office Powerpoint or an equivalent program to be installed on your computer. All of these files were taken from Microsoft Office Online, where you can search for custom templates and design slides from within Powerpoint.

Powerpoint Template 1 Powerpoint Template 2
Powerpoint Template 3 Powerpoint Template 4
Powerpoint Template 5 Powerpoint Template 6
Powerpoint Template 7 Powerpoint Template 8