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How to Post Bulletins

Do you want to publicize a special event hosted by your club or student organization?  Are you looking for volunteers or new members?  Are you hosting a special study group?  You can post these kinds of messages using the digital flat screen network.  Here's how.

  • Bulletin content should be submitted one to two weeks in advance to: chris.vegter@unco.edu
  • Submissions are due 1-2 weeks in advance
  • Bulletins must be timely. They usually run for less than seven days
  • All messages must be approved by a staff member of the Monfort College of Business. After your bulletin request or submission has been reviewed and processed, you may receive a message containing the approval status of your bulletin. If additional information is needed for approval, you will receive a message
  • Keep your announcement brief and well organized. Use bullet points or short blocks of text. Think of it like a billboard. Use simple text and graphics in a clean-looking format.
  • Use a legible sans serif font like Arial or Tahoma. Avoid using fonts that look elegant or handwritten, because they are typically difficult to read.
  • Don’t use images you don't have the "rights" to use. Keep imagery simple, and relevant to your message.
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the information in your bulletin.
  • Bulletins may be rejected if content is not relevant to students or if the content is too lengthy.