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Monfort Executive Professor Program

The Monfort Executive Professor Program (MEPP) was established by an endowment of $1 million donated by Kenneth and Myra Monfort in 1989. The endowment agreement states, The purpose of the Monfort Executive Professor Program is "to strengthen the integration of practical experience in the theoretical basis of the curriculum taught in the College of Business Administration through opportunities for ongoing interaction among academicians, students, and business professionals and practitioners. The Program will help keep the curriculum and education of the students in the College of Business Administration current and relevant by supplementing theory with experience, research with practical application, and resources of the University with the resources of industry."

Senior business executives teach in residence for one or more semesters (Monfort Senior Executive-in-Residence), teach as a full-time faculty member (Monfort Executive Professor), or teach a complete course in a condensed 2-5 week format (Monfort Visiting Executive Professor). Business professionals also visit the College for 1 or 2 days teaching classes and making presentations to the College student body (Monfort Executive Professor Speaker), or lecture to one or more class sessions (Monfort Executive Guest Lecturer).