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Sixth Annual Entrepreneurial Challenge

The University of Northern Colorado's Monfort College of Business presents its Sixth Annual Entrepreneurial Challenge where entrepreneurs compete for $50,000 in prize money.

Eighteen semifinalists presented their business concepts on January 28 at UNC. A panel of six expert judges selected the five finalists, listed below.

The finalists will present their business plans to a panel of judges in a "Shark Tank" format hosted by 9News business reporter Gregg Moss on March 26 at the 9NEWS studios in Denver. The finals will air on KTVD Channel 20 on April 12.

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Change Composites

Change CompositesChange Composites, Longmont, the producers of a new bike helmet comprising a composite outer shell, paired with a non-Newtonian liner that helps reduce the chances of traumatic brain injury by responding to the force applied to the user's head.


Game CentricsGamecentrics, Fort Collins, a company that offers Anti-Grind software that incorporates the elements from popular games into daily workflow. Instead of using a controller, their cloud platform integrates with a company's existing data stream representing employee production information and creates a series of player vs. player, team vs. team, company vs. environment and personal achievements set to seasonal and company specific themes.

LUCAN Technologies

LUCAN Technologies LUCAN Technologies Inc., Greeley, which has created two touch-screen, Android-based smart watches that will include an MP3 player, FM radio, calendar and other digital assistant functions.


QBLabs QB Labs, Parker, works to empower physicians, trainers and physical therapists to quantify and streamline client progress for better movement analysis and improved treatment outcomes with wearable tech called MovementTek.


Vise PowerVisePower.com, LLC, Greeley, whose product "The Vise" gives athletes leverage to properly tighten up thick weight belts when performing heavy lifts, especially squats.

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