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Matt Collins

Matt Collins
Degree Received: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Marketing

Graduation Year: 2007

Current Company: Alpine Banks of Colorado

Position: Banking Officer

Bio: As native of Colorado and the Southwest Denver suburbs, I was raised with a strong passion and dedication to my community-a very "tight-knit" community to say the least. Although the town I was raised in boasted a fairly large population, all members of the community embodied the same values and objectives which, in turn, provided the "small-town" feel to my community. After I graduated high school, I headed out to a much smaller town in southeast Kansas to attend college. For most, the transition from a large metropolitan area to a town where its claim to fame is the home and birthplace of "Little House on the Prairie," can be difficult. However, because of my upbringing, the transition was smooth, and I enjoyed the two years that I lived in Kansas. Following my sophomore year, I transferred to UNC to play baseball and attend school. While in Greeley, I became a Marketing major and attended the Monfort College of Business (Yet again, another small, tight-knit group). I cannot be more thankful for the time, resources, and necessary tools that Monfort was able to provide to myself and fellow classmates. The educational resources that were provided, coupled with the leadership skills that varsity sports had to offer provided a very strong foundation for success in my future endeavors. After graduation from UNC, I started my professional career as a Management Trainee with Alpine Banks of Colorado in January of 2008, right at the onset of financial market meltdown. Although a fairly large company with over 550 employees across the western slope, Alpine Bank's personnel structure has remained transparent during periods of growth, and has remained a close-knit group as well. Now, two and a half years later as a Banking Officer working in our Avon location, the condition of the banking industry remains in "limbo," and every day presents itself with new challenges. With every member of our staff sharing the same core values, passion, and dedication towards our community, it reminds me of my years back home in southwest Denver, the two years in Southeast Kansas, and my two years at UNC and MCB. I believe despite the current economic conditions, especially within the financial services realm, I possess the skills necessary for my own professional development. In all respects, this was made possible by my family, friends, teammates, past professors, coaches, and the entire staff at MCB and UNC. With this in mind, as well as the education that I received while at MCB, I believe that I, along with my colleagues, teammates, former classmates and friends are all best positioned to succeed in all of our future endeavors. On a more personal note, aside from my professional aspirations, I enjoy spending my spare time with my dog Kenosha, playing softball, baseball, and basketball. In addition, I also enjoy fishing, hiking, snowboarding and being outside in the gorgeous Vail Valley as much as possible!

Favorite Memory at the College of Business: I would have to say the most memorable, mainly because it was the most nerve-racking experience, was presenting our advertising project to State Farm Insurance Co.'s marketing exec's and managers. Looking back now, that experience was a small taste of reality and the so-called "Real world." It provided me with numerous takeaways that I still apply to my career.

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