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Global Business Minor

Expanding Business Horizons through Global Education

The Global Business Minor is designed for students who have a major in Business Administration at the Monfort College of Business and wish to pursue an additional area of study in global business. You'll gain a deeper understanding of multinational business functions, globalization and how it impacts organizations.

  • You'll get broad exposure to global areas of business administration, including finance, economics, management and marketing.
  • You'll achieve an increased understanding of global business that can enhance your opportunities post-graduation.
  • You'll be required to participate in an international Study Abroad Program. Opportunities exist in diverse locations including Australia, Lithuania, Canada, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Czech Republic and Italy.
  • Significant scholarship funds are available, making study abroad programs financially accessible.

"I don't think words can express how much I would encourage every student at MCB and UNC to study abroad. It truly has put me above all of my other peers when it comes to being unique and learning things you can't possibly learn in a classroom setting. I know that when looking at graduating and interviewing for potential jobs I will have the one up on my peers because I have taken the time to study abroad. It's affordable at UNC and it's something that everyone needs to do. I loved every minute of it!" - Kristi Meyer

The Global Business Minor includes an additional 13-16 semester credits of study depending on your Business Administration major emphasis. You must follow the same UNC catalog for both your major and the minor. You are expected to complete the prerequisites for all courses in the minor. The prerequisites are also part of the Liberal Arts Core program and can be included in LAC preparation. To graduate with a Global Business Minor, you must attain a 2.0 or greater cumulative business GPA and attain at least a "C-" grade in each individual business course required for the Global Business Minor.

Course Work

BA 415 International Experience/Study Abroad (1)*
BAFN 375 Multinational Financial Management (3)
BAMG 458 International Management (3)
BAMK 464 Global Marketing Strategies (3)
ECON 320 or ECON 344 Comparative Economic Systems or International Economics (3)
GEOG 100 World Geography (3)
Intermediate Foreign Language: CHIN 201, FR 201, GER 201, JAPN 201 or SPAN 201

*Contact the Global Business Minor advisor, Dr. Jim Reardon, at 970-351-1251 or james.reardon@unco.edu for more information on how and when to enroll for the BA 415 course.

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer a maximum of six semester hours with a "BA" prefix toward the minor from other institutions.

How to Get Started

For more information about the Global Business Minor visit Kristi Cozbey in Kepner 1055 or call 970-351-2275.

Global Business Minor Plan for Each Catalog Year