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Vision, Mission, & Values


To be a world class provider of business education that prepares and inspires our students, alumni and friends to be successful in their careers and in life.


To provide excellent primarily undergraduate and focused graduate business programs and related learning opportunities that prepare individuals for successful careers and responsible citizenship in a global society. We accomplish this by focusing our efforts in teaching, research and service to benefit student learning.

Teaching:  Our primary purpose is to provide the highest quality education to students most of whom come from Colorado and the surrounding states, by having professionally and academically qualified faculty who blend theoretical foundations with practical applications.
Scholarship: We value all forms of scholarship that advance our teaching and each discipline defines its research balance based on a discipline-specific focus.  Given the applied nature of our Accounting program, it has chosen a research agenda focused on contributions to practice and pedagogical research.  Our other programs have chosen a research agenda based primarily on discipline-based research, while valuing other forms of scholarship as well.
Service:  We provide value through service to our stakeholders including our students, colleagues, the college, the university the academic discipline and the community, state and region in which we are located.


  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all we do.
  • Teaching: We are committed to provide the highest quality education by having professionally and academically qualified faculty who blend theoretical foundations with practical applications.
  • Scholarship: We advance business knowledge through scholarship and partnerships with business and community organizations.
  • Community: Partnering with the community is key to achieving our mission and vision.
  • Integrity: We are committed to creating and promoting a culture based on ethics and morality.
  • Respect: We treat all students, faculty, staff and members of the community with respect in order to foster an environment of trust, mutual respect and diversity of thought.
  • Accountability: To achieve excellence we must hold each other accountable. We must be responsible and expect the best from each other.
  • Success: We provide students with the skills, tools and opportunities to have successful careers.


  1. Recruit high-quality student population while maintaining a balance between quality and quantity.
  2. Sustain a high quality curriculum.
  3. Recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff.
  4. Secure adequate state resources for college operations.
  5. Increase external funds raised for the college.
  6. Continue to improve the quality of MCB facilities and technology.
  7. Develop reputation among stakeholders that is consistent with program excellence.
  8. Provide the best learning environments for our students.